Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Alcohol Review - Soju

Recently I was confused as fuck in an Asian market, pondering how in the world Koreans without any semblance of the English language can navigate a Fred Meyer's,  when a sparkling green bottle appeared in my horizon. Upon investigation, I noticed not only a proof, but a goofy cartoon of PSY drinking and Gangnam Styling (seriously) on the label.  I figured, fuck it, and shelled out, hoping this mysterious new drink might have me riding an imaginary horse at a party soon.

After arriving at home, I researched (checked Wikipedia) and discovered I had purchased Soju, a rice based Korean favorite. Soju comes in a 375 ml bottle, half the size of a normal 5th. Additionally, the alcohol content hovers around 20% once more roughly half of the standard liquor. This means that in total, a Soju container pathetically only packs about four shots. Luckily, these little devils only cost about three bucks. Four shots for three bucks ain't too bad.

Tastewise, at just 40 proof, I was expecting delicious. For comparison's sake, Soju has the same alcohol content as Malibu rum, one of the most enjoyable liquors around (not that I have a vagina or anything). Instead, I slurped down what appeared to be watery vodka. The burn was far less intense obviously, but I still found the drink unpleasant. And the rice definitely came through. And by the end of the bottle, I still had only had 4 shots. Ugh.

I'm not really sure who this appeals to besides Koreans. It won't get a guy drunk, and it lacks the flavor of similarly proofed girly drinks. There are much better ways to go than Soju.

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