Friday, January 25, 2013

The Weekly Playlist

Sometimes, people get to music a little late. I had a friend who, last spring, couldn't stop playing "High" by Big Sean. Yeah, the one you heard in like 2010 or whenever it came out, he was bumping until deep into 2012. But that's ok; it wasn't new, but it was still good. So here we are with the first "Weekly Playlist", a cluster of jams I've been playing this past week. I can't promise you all new songs, but I can guarantee an enjoyable 8 song list, week after week, of songs you might not have heard yet, never would have heard, or love and miss. Without further ado...

1. Why? Where? What? - King Fantastic. Genre: Rap.

2. 8 Feet Tall - Problem. Genre: Ratchet Rap.

3. Dreamworld (Nightmare) - Vaski feat. Audiodasity. Genre: Dubstep Rap.

4. To You... - Johnny Polygon. Genre: Alternative (but performed by a rapper).

5. Countdown - gLAdiator. Genre: ElectroHouse.

6. Fuckin' Problem - A$ap Rocky, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, 2 Chainz. Genre: Rap.

7. Clarity - Zedd. Genre: Dubstep.

8. Internet Friends (Rundatrap Bootleg) - heRobust. Genre: Trap.

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  1. Good shit. You have to teach me how to do the hulkshare thing at some point.