Thursday, January 24, 2013

Throwback Thursday by Heartbreaker

Every Thursday, all our staff are encouraged to post an older song they miss and would like to bring attention back to.
This week, for the inauguration of the blog, I'm going to post two songs. First, I'd like to bring back one of my favorite Blue Scholars songs, whose chorus influenced both the title of this blog as well as the message of it, "The Inkwell". With its smooth beat and reflective lyrics, the song comes across as a raindrop falling from the Seattle sky. More than any other song, this one reminds me of home, the streets and the feel of the South Sound area on a cloudy day. It reminds us of a time when Blue Scholars were creative and the most important voice in the Northwest rap scene.

Second, I've got this old school BANGER, the one you couldn't get away from in 2005. I could have chosen "Lean Wit It, Rock Wit It" or "White Tee" to the same affect, but after about 3 seconds of careful consideration, I went with the remix to "I Think They Like Me" by Dem Franchise Boyz. Please, bump this at your next party for me. Do it for the ratchets! You know they miss this as much as I do.


  1. The Blue Scholars song that will always mean the most to me is the one that knocked me out the first time I heard it: Motion Movement. What an amazing flow about a kid pouring his soul out into his new chosen profession...

    ... but my best memory will always be watching Heartbreaker and his brother rapping onstage with Geo to No Rest For The Weary...