Friday, April 5, 2013

Maker's Mark Whisky

Good evening ladies and gentlemen,
I am the one and only (at least that I know) Mark Stinson II, a.k.a. Daddy. I am your resident alcohol connoisseur or college drunk as others may prefer to call it. I normally am not a fan of prose unless of course I am drunk, which I am in the current state of mind. I have an affinity for the taste and effects of most alcohols but my personal favorites involve that of the whiskey and beer variety. 
The alcohol that I feel the present need to review is Makers Mark Whisky.
Drink: Maker's Mark Whisky
Alcohol variety: Kentucky Straight Bourbon 
Proof: 90
Price: Upper Medium
Maker's Mark whisky is a luxury whiskey for your college age adult with its healthy handle price of about $44.99, that is handmade and guaranteed that it is made this way. However this is a common enough price for the alcohols of this variety, and is common enough with your bottles of Jack Daniels and Johnnie Walker (I do understand that JW is scotch, however it is under the greater blanket of whiskey). Maker's is a great choice for college age whiskey drinkers and it not only has great taste but it also gets the job done when it comes to having a great night. 

Maker's Mark has a much different taste from your average whiskey. It has a pleasant flavor along with a cleaner aftertaste than most. This particular whiskey mixes well with many different sodas, but it also goes down very smoothly on the rocks and neat. If this whisky was a baseball all star it would be of the five tool variety with its drinkability, mixability, taste on the rocks, presentation and ability to just get fucked up off of. 

Maker's Mark goes well with diet Coke, diet Dr. Pepper, and my preferred mixer for it Mountain Dew. For those of you who don't know Mountain Dew was originally made to be a chaser/mixer for whiskeys of all sorts and it suits Maker's particularly well. The sweetness of the dew does not overpower that of Maker's but in a way enhances it by making the sweet undertones of it more prevalent. It also allows for those of you who are not a fan of the "bite" of whiskey to forgo this aspect of it which I have grown to love and make it a mix that is on par with the taste of your more feminine of drinks such as vodka. Mountain Dew pleasantly accentuates the greatness of this whiskey and makes it extremely drinkable and overall the best mixed drink to enjoy (of course this is in my opinion, its my blog post bitches!). 

Maker's Mark Whisky is a great tasting and seemingly affordable whiskey that offers great bang and versatility for your buck. This whiskey has always been a great addition to my collection and it always serves me rather well. I have never had a personal qualm with it and I have had nothing but great nights when it accompanies me. It has even made its way to my favorite casual hard alcohol, which honestly is saying quite a bit in my case. 

*I am just noting the fact that Maker's is noted as "whisky"on the bottle but the overall genre is referred to as "whiskey".
Final Scores:
Bottle Rating: 8.5/10 great in all aspects of the whiskey game.
Straight: 6/10 but it is an 8/10 on the rocks.
Mixer Rating: 10/10 it goes better with all normal mixers that accompany whiskeys than its competition. 
Down home looking bottle with a label that resembles humble parchment, but the best touch to the bottle is the wax dipping of the cap and neck area of the bottle that only proves its handmade accountability. 

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