Monday, March 11, 2013

Alcohol Review: Seagram's Gin

Brand: Seagram's
Type: Gin
Proof: 80
Cost: Low
This drink seems to scare a lot of people away, partially because of the taboo carried by most gins (most people don't seem to enjoy the flavor of pine trees burning through their nostrils) and partially because it lacks the brand name recognition that allows Tanqueray and Beefeater to flourish. However, I have to say, when it comes to bottle shelf alcohol, Seagram's Extra Dry gin is my first and only choice. You can really mix this thing. Throw it in some fruit juice and watch it magically disappear! Blend it with Malibu rum, orange soda and fruit punch soda to create the cheapest variant of one of my favorite drinks, the 129 Smoothie (add orange juice and some Odwalla for more complex flavors). I can't remember how many times I've heard "I don't drink gin, it's disgusting" only to watch someone spend an entire night getting slammed off of Seagram's mixies. Plus, think about what you're comparing it to. Sure it may be a (really) bad straight shot, but it's better than Prestige or Monarch, right? That alone should be convincing, but I'd heavily recommend this better-than-it-appears liquor. Like most gins, you have to get over the stigma before drinking it, but you'll be happy you did. Just don't drink it straight. You'll regret that.

Straight: 2/10
Absolutely awful. If I didn't have so much respect for what a 1/10 means, that's what this would be.\
Mixed: 8/10
So bomb. By far the best you can find for the price.
Bottle: 3/10
Seagram's makes pretty ugly bottles, especially with their gin, which comes with a yellowish tint and ridges. Not exactly a centerpiece bottle.

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