Friday, March 8, 2013

The Weekly Playlist!

Two things factor into this week's playlist. 1) I've been listening to a lot of electronic lately, so expect a list heavy on that. 2) I'm back in Tacoma, and I'm showing some local love. Last weekend of Spring Break, and regardless of the midterm I have due on Monday, I intend to make it a great one. Let's get it.

1. The Drop - Bro Safari. Genre: Trap.
New release by Bro Safari, and early indications are that this one is (a) the best song they've done and (b) one of the best trap songs in the short history of the genre. A total banger blending a quick tempo, disruptive vocal/gunshot sample, inviting build-up and destructive drop. Plus, they put it up as a free download, so you have to love that as well.

2. I Sleep So Deep - Ella Donovan. Genre: Acoustic.
Finally recorded in a studio for release, this Tacoma classic has been circulating on laptops and in coffee shops for several years. Ellie's voice is more powerful than ever coming through a professional microphone, and her pain is palpable, as always. This song can make you stop in your tracks, drawing you to listen. She's even nice enough to offer it as a free download.

3. Fuckin' Problems (Willy Joy Remix) - A$AP Rocky. Genre: Trap.
Seems weird calling this a song by A$AP Rocky when he's barely on it. This is strictly Willy Joy dropping one of the better trap songs I've heard lately. It hardly adheres at all to the original song, which is fine with me; it's great in its own right. The use of vocal sampling is on point, though.

4. Calling (Lose My Mind) - Sebastian Ingrosso & Alesso. Genre: House.
A semi-hit by the Swedish House Mafia duo that should help you lose your mind at a party tonight. I haven't posted a house track on here in ages, so enjoy!

5. Language - Porter Robinson. Genre: Electro House.
I know this one is well past its prime as a popular song, but it's been on repeat for me lately. Can't stop listening, it's just that good! One of my favorite electronic songs of 2012, still listening in 2013, and probably will be in 2014 as well.

6. Starlight - Flux Pavilion. Genre: Soft dubstep.
Flux tends to have two sides about him; the huge, massive, anthem side, and the softer, melodic but still huge side. Starlight falls under the second category. As one of the top three cuts off his recent EP (reviewed on this very site, along with Make Your Body Wanna and Blow the Roof), I have to give it some credit. If you liked Daydreamer, you'll like this one as well.

7. Celebration - A$AP Rocky. Genre: Rap.
Embarrassingly hadn't heard this one until last night, when I caught it on a new, late night hip hop broadcast in Tacoma (90.1 The Sound. Anyone heard of it? No? Well, check it out). Nice little ditty by A$AP prior to his mainstream blowup, which explains why I hadn't heard it yet. Should have been listening all along. Also check out 1Train by A$AP and every other upcoming artist in the industry.

8. They Say - Teddy Dubs. Genre: Rap.
For all those people who don't give a fuck, Teddy Dubs has put out his debut song. Let's hope there's more to come from the Browns Point product, whose childhood goofiness has never subsided. The singing on the chorus is a...surprise, but not entirely unpleasant. I expect plenty of plays in the Tacoma and Pullman areas.

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