Monday, February 18, 2013

Album Review: Flux Pavilion - Blow the Roof

Flux Pavilion recently released a new EP, titled "Blow the Roof". A few of the tracks had already hit the music blogs and iTunes store, but it's a mostly unheard collection.
In the EP, Flux plays with his musical styles, performing some trap, some electro-hop, and some faster dubstep rhythms, but refuses to compromise the depth of his sound. Everything slams like a classic Flux song; nothing here goes softer than a "Bass Cannon" or "Gold Dust". Let's go song-by-song.

1. One Two Three (Make Your Body Wanna) - An excellent trapstep offering to launch the EP. Chances are, your body agreed with Flux Pavilion during this song, and wants to bounce. Unfortunately, I'm typing this on a Monday and have class in 25 minutes. Perhaps I should find another time to bounce.
Either way, the bass rocks as usual. 4.5/5
2. The Scientist - Silly lyrics on this one sets it apart from a typical Flux track. Otherwise, the drop is a heavy, upbeat descent down a golden canyon, only for a rocket to catch you and bring you back to safety at the end. Some strings in the build attempt to give an air of drama that seems half-assed, as Flux prefers a "feel-good" vibe here. Forgettable compared to his other offerings, but not bad. 3/5
3. Double Edge (Featuring Sway & P Money) - A nice grime track with arguably better rapping on it than on Do or Die. Another nice switch-up from Flux's usual dubstep, and definitely worthy of multiple repeat listens. 4/5
4. Blow the Roof - The winning party song of the album. This thing slaps. A new dubstep classic, and one of the top two songs on the album (with Starlight), though it's an entirely different feel. 5/5
5. I Feel It - This song starts out extremely annoying with an awful vocal sample. Once the bass kicks in, it becomes far more manageable, and even somewhat enjoyable! I would still skip it. The low point of the EP. 2/5
6. I Still Can't Stop - Did you like I Can't Stop? Then you'll like I Still Can't Stop. It's basically the same song, but adjusted for the new tempo Flux has been pursuing, so the surface synths come a little quicker than on the original. My only issue with this song is determining when it would be appropriate to play; at what point is this more listenable than I Can't Stop? I'm docking it on the rating not because it's a bad song; it isn't, and I would score I Can't Stop a 5/5. But I can't see when you would play it, not the original. 3/5
7. Do or Die (Featuring Childish Gambino) - Good but not great. Gambino makes more enjoyable, for sure, by adding his clever lyricism. The drop is above average, but not standout. However, this song is selling better than any other on the album, and I'm sure Flux fans will enjoy the popularity it brings the other songs. 3.5/5
8. Starlight - An absolutely beautiful song, and my favorite cut on the EP. If you were a fan of Daydreamer, you'll love this as well. Extremely pretty sounds with the usual depth behind it. I could listen to this all damn day long. 5/5

In conclusion, it's Flux's sound, just evolved. A playful album worthy of several listens through 3.5/5.

You can hear all the songs (for free!) on Flux's soundcloud, at

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