Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Alcohol Review: SKYY

We're adding alcohol reviews to our website. Here's something I wrote about my favorite vodka, Skyy, about 9 months ago.

Drink: SKYY
Type: Vodka
Proof: 80
Price: Medium

Water. This drink is fucking water. I don’t know how else to explain it. Straight, it’s unreal. Taking pulls of it couldn’t be easier. This is my favorite stuff. It’s given me some fantastic nights, and you won’t find many people resistant to drinking it. Girls love it as well. It’s better by itself than in a mix, though, which is a recurring theme in SKYY vodka; it’s made to consumed straight, though it certainly survives in a drink. SKYY has an unusual tendency to chill more than most alcohols, and it makes a huge difference. By the way, it isn’t particularly expensive, and is worth every cent as one of the best values in the game. Regular is better than any flavors.

Straight Rating: 10/10
Unbelievably easy to take down, especially when cold.
Mixer Rating: 6/10
Pretty transparent, but there's better vodkas out there for blending.
Bottle Rating: 7/10
Classy bluish purple bottles make for a great collector's item. The recent fuzzy bottles are cool as well.

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