Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Weekly Playlist!

A day late, but fuck it, I was busy.

1. Rise Above - J.Cole. Genre: Rap.
J.Cole claims his album is completed, and now he's just in the process of marketing it. He also released five songs that didn't make the cut for any of several different reasons, including this one. So before his album drops, check out his free EP, Truly Yours, including this cut that caught my attention. He has a new single out as well called "Power Trip" with Miguel that may be worth a listen.

2. Daps and Pounds - KiD CuDi. Genre: Rap.
Hopefully everyone remembers this classic alternative rap gem. CuDi is in the process of making a new album, due out around April of this year, and I think it's about time to get excited for it. Either that, or his tunes have just been stuck in my head all week. Either way, I am, the one...

3. How You Love It - Ester Dean featuring Missy Elliot. Genre: Rap.
Ester Dean really can make a track bounce. We all remember Drop it Low, but this one really slams on the dance floor as well. Plus it's another excuse to bump Missy Elliot, who I personally hadn't heard on a song in too long.

4. DumDum - Baauer. Genre: Trap.
Because as much fun as the Harlem Shake videos are, they're sending the message that it's the best song in trap. Shit, it isn't even the best song by Baauer! This gorgeous saxophone driven piece really got me into trap to begin with, plus it has a host of goofy samples, such as DJ Unk and the classic "Dayuummm son, where'd ya find this?" Check it out, you won't be disappointed.

5. Make it Bun Dem (Remix) - Psychic Type. Genre: Dubstep.
Yup, Psychic Type makes it two weeks in a row. This is an older cut, back when he went by the name Jiclo, but quality is quality, and this is a great remix, almost preferable to the original, in my opinion. If not better, it certainly gives a fresh life to the wonderful Skrillex and Damian Marley track.

6. This Yick - YG featuring Dom Kennedy & Joe Moses. Genre: Ratchet Rap.
One of the most ratchet songs you'll ever hear, with YG AND Joe Moses on the track. Great song, though. Really can slap anywhere.

7. Cray - Toadally Krossed Out featuring Riff Raff. Genre: Trap.
In honor of this warm Tacoma day, I'm going to pretend it's summer and that this song is appropriate. Warning: Riff Raff's lyrics will get stuck in your head, I can almost guarantee it.

8. 253 in us - Second Family. Genre: Rap.
And, because I'm in Tacoma for the weekend, I have to rep my area. Check out this sick local track by Second Family as they rep the Northwest's most hated city!

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