Friday, February 22, 2013

The Weekly Playlist!

Second straight sober weekend, but that doesn't mean I can't vibe out to sick songs all weekend long! And I've been listening mostly to rap lately, so expect a hip-hop heavy list this week.

1. 24K of Gold - Big Sean featuring J.Cole & Raekwon. Genre: Rap.
A soft, but undeniably great song by Big Sean. He's stated recently in interviews that he's done making club bangers for a while at least, what with a catalogue including "Dance (ASS)", "Mercy", "I Don't Like (Remix)", etc. This is more in the vein of "High", though there's no drug relation in this one. J.Cole comes through with a wonderful guest verse as well, culminating in a reference to swerving around the road while Sean ad-libs a "swerve!" in the background. As an aside, though, how does Raekwon keep getting such high-level guest features? He's well past his prime with Wu-Tang, and his gritty voice and slow flow don't seem to mesh well with today's popular music. I get there's an aspect of respect, but still. Anyways, here's the song. And I'm as confused as you are as to why the "Clique" picture is the one in the link.

2. Millions - Pusha T featuring Rick Ross. Genre: Rap.
As heavy a slapper as I've heard in a long time. Ross just seems to have that sort of effect on songs. Not much more to say, check out this hotness.

3. I Just Want to be There - Realm Reality featuring Blu & Fred the Godson. Genre: Rap.
A more underground styling here, these three MCs deliver dangerous levels of lyricism. Sometimes, the pure craft of rhyming gets lost in the swell of metaphors, jokes and experimental flows; not on this track. Rhymes, rhymes, and more rhymes.

4. Warp 1.9 - The Bloody Beetroots featuring Steve Aoki. Genre: Dubstep.
WHOOP WHOOP. Randomly got the urge to play this recently and got it over, and over, and over again. One of the classics of dubstep. My dream is to hear this at a party in 2013. I will go absolutely batshit crazy. Just once, let's hear it.

5. My Last Molly Song Ever, I Promise - Problem featuring Gunplay & Trinidad James. Genre: psychedelic trip.
Yeah, that's the genre. That's all this song is. Wild stuff here. Hardly qualifies as a song, even, but there's music, there's lyrics, and it's enjoyable, so play it. Although I'd probably recommend doing some molly first. Does that make my liable now? It's not my fault if you get hurt doing molly to this song. I've been watching too much Skins...(Season 4, Episode 1).

6. Erase Me - Kid Cudi featuring Kanye West. Genre: Hip-Pop.
Despite the fact that this may very well be Kanye's weakest verse on record (unless someone can find a weaker example for me), Erase Me is too catchy to not have stuck in your head. I have to say, though, of all the emotions in the world that I'm currently not feeling, the ones Cudi describes in this song are probably the ones I miss the least. Heartbreaker, not Heartbroker!

7. Hard in the Paint - Waka Flocka Flame. Genre: Rap.

8. Backseat (Freestyle) - Kendrick Lamar. Genre: Rap.
See, I told you it'd be all rap. Except for Warp 1.9 and the psychedelic trip that is Last Molly Song, at least. Anyways, besides m.A.A.d. City, this was the highlight of Kendrick's album to me, so might as well spotlight it before it's too irrelevant. Yeah, I know it basically already is, and no one hasn't heard this yet. Fuck it. Enjoy your weekend.

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