Friday, February 8, 2013

The Weekly Playlist!

I refuse to let this blog die, so I have a new weekly playlist. Rage hard, work out, relax, whatever to these songs. Just make sure you listen to them!

1. Fly or Die - Rock Mafia. Genre: Pop (?).
You might have caught this on Fifa 13 (which has another excellent soundtrack; EA nails it every year), but if not, this is a great mix of rapping, reggae, rock and pop by a couple of Disney producers who decided to try making their own tunes. Ambitious move, by the way; having sold over 100 million albums as producers for Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato and more, they went out and made their own song. One that's better than a lot of the ones they produced, in my estimation.

2. From the Back - Flosstradamus featuring Danny Brown. Genre: Rap/Trap.
I have not been able to stop listening to this raunchy tale by Danny Brown over the hard hitting trap styling of Flosstradamus. Danny's story of making love to a random woman in a hotel is equal parts disgusting, entertaining and hilarious with several quotable lines (many of which don't rhyme, adding to the general silliness of the song). As an added bonus, Danny's last line ("Rolled up the grass while I palmed on that ass") went on to form the sample for Baauer's breakout remix, "Rollup".

3. Thrift Shop (Remix) - Psychic Type. Genre: Trap.
I really got into Psychic Type this past week, a producer with a lot of cool dubstep and trap remixes. This isn't too much of a change from the original song; rather, Psychic Type simply emphasizes some of the instrumentation to create a trap version of the Northwest classic that really slaps.

4. Pennies - Cool Kids. ALSO: Pennies (Updated Roster Remix) - Cool Kids featuring Bun B & Ludacris. Genre: Rap.
Couldn't decide between the 2K9 introduction song and the "Updated Roster" remix, they're both pretty sweet. Mikey and Chuck (aka the Cool Kids) come through better in the original, but there's a couple of notable lines in the remix ("I tried being average, it's just not for me"), as well as the presence of a couple of Southern legends. Check out whichever one intrigues you more.

5. Diffused (Opiuo Remix) - The Upbeats. Genre: Glitch.
I'm not huge on glitch, in fact I'd wager that most people aren't, but I really enjoyed this track by Opiuo. Starts off with a somber sounds before launching into a far more upbeat than expected song, though it drags on a little too long. I really want to rap over this.

6. Cookie Cutter Bitches - Snow Tha Product. Genre: Rap.
Maybe the illest white girl rap I've ever heard. She really takes it to all the other ladies in the rap game for lacking creativity and originality. Snow's on the way up with her mixtape Good Nights, Bad Mornings putting up decent numbers on datpiff and other mixtape websites. And remember the general message of the song: do you, ladies!

7. Fall Asleep - Wiz Khalifa. Genre: Rap.
I know Bronco hates this one, but to me, it's been the standout track on O.N.I.F.C. The beat is beautiful, the  "Fall Asleep" sample matches perfectly, and the whole song comes off as a psychedelic trip of travel, inhibited consciousness and dreamy fairy tales. Wiz might not be on top of his game, but this song is more than a rap song; it's an experience.

8. Drinking From the Bottle - Calvin Harris featuring Tinie Tempah. Genre: Electro-Hop.
This got a spot on a Superbowl ad, so I'm going to highlight it for anyone who heard it and wondered. Plus...GO  FUCKING DRINK AND RAGE IT'S A FUCKING FRIDAY LET'S GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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